Attributes of the fighter

Published: Sunday, 02 March 2014

The Warrior (Knight) specializes in close combat and needed so much strength (strength) to also enough to inflict damage. In addition, the fighter is often under continuous attacks because he stands in the middle of the action, thus you need health (health). Also wisdom (wisdom) is for the fighters of importance, need only at level 50 or higher since his new skills more Mana.
The agility (agility) increases the Dodge as well below more accurately explained and is thus an important factor. The less you will be hit as higher is your chance of survival and seen in the long term it reduces also the healing potions that are needed.

If you decide not you can watch whether V. should Knight or C. Knight, the skills of the two.


Strength (Strength) increases the base damage (Attack points) and all 3 attribute points, the accuracy (on target points) is increased by 1.

Health (Health) increases the energy of life (health points), the boost of the HP one by a level gets and none-elemental resistance.

Wisdom (Wisdom) increases the magic energy (Magic points), increase the MP to get through a level and the resistance to curse.

Intelligence (Intelligence) increases the skills loss at Mage, the base damage magic (Magic attack Point) and the resistance against lightning, fire and ice.

Agility (Agility) increases Dodge (evasion), accuracy (on target points) and the base damage (Attack points).

Stats limits:

Taste the stats at the start per boost 1 attribute point (stats). This however changed after a certain number of attribute points the so-called stats borders.

When a Knight, the stats are limits for health, intelligence, wisdom, and agility at:

50-2 points
70-3 points
90-4 points

and so on... (in 20s steps from 50).

Only in strength, the limits are moved:

60-2 points
90-3 points
120-4 points

and so on... (into 30s increments from 60).

Fighter attributes (stats):


These proposals are guidelines you must follow not, however are not bad for beginners.