Castle was

Published: Wednesday, 05 March 2014


What is was a castle (CW)?
When a castle was we need to conquer the Castle and take the flag owned! Can all guilds and their alliances that have the Guild level 4, this was take part.

Prerequisite - registration - expiration:

  • Min. level 4 Guild (Guild level 3 unless they have an alliance with a level 4 Guild also participate).
  • The castle was (CW) starts on Saturday at 18:00 daylight saving time (or 17:00 winter time) and 2 hours (not counting shift).
  • The entry fee of 100 k have to be paid until Thursday at the NPC, the standing at the gate of the castles.
  • The entire Alliance of Guild is the fighting unit (blue name), who tried to conquer the Castle.
  • All hostile guilds/alliances are provided with a red name.
  • Only the leader of the Guild can hoist the flag.
  • It could occur that you will get a "disconnect" as soon as one of the gates was destroyed. (Leading up to the PC crash)
  • CW winner determine taxes (tax). (85%-115%)
  • This TAX go checkout (keeper), the Guild has captured the castle in the leader. (0.2% ~)
  • The flag is protected by the Gates need to be destroyed first.
  • Castle wars take place weekly.

Exact sequence:

All registered guilds should meet in Narutooh, the starting city.
Then, it goes from the West (on the map). Just before the castle was, the zone, in which all mutually to preying begins (it is usually the case, some guilds only have each other to fight / kill).
If the time has come and finally the gates have fallen (have the masses of HP), you can cut through you to the flag (which is high up in the middle of the Castels on a kind of Shrine).
If your Guild can fight your way up to the top and you have the luck, to destroy the flag there instructed, it applies as soon as possible to raise the own guilds (which only the leader of the Guild can do!) flag.
The flag should no longer fall to the castle was at the end. If this is accomplished, the castle belongs to your Guild.


  • The leader of the Guild, which won the Castle, may increase TAX by Standart 85% to 115%. (Only the leader can use this function!)
  • The Guild, which has conquered the Castel, is announced on the official site of KAL online as a castle was the winner