Information about the thief

Published: Sunday, 02 March 2014


Character class: Thief (thief)
Gender: Female
Weapon type: Daggers (one in each hand)
Campaign type: Close combat
Aggression on Monster: 1/4 of the normal aggressiveness
Job descriptions: I. swordman-> unearthly ghost Hitman-> dark shadow
  • increased attack speed
  • distributed high damage over a long period of time
  • received damage
  • Reduce an enemy's defense
  • Poisoning (levels - & Waffenabh√§ngig)
  • Stun attack
  • extremely high damage on short moments (every 10 minutes)
  • high attack speed
  • high melee damage
  • slightly increased range
  • the gift of invisibility (disappear into the shadows)
  • very high chance of critical hit
  • very high critical damage
  • increased accuracy by armor
  • little Defense (receives from enemies higher damage)
  • low evasion (almost always applied by enemies)
  • extremely dependent on potions or healer characters (Mage)
  • Thief items are dropped by only a few monsters