Destroying objects

Published: Wednesday, 05 March 2014
Items such as armor, weapons or accessories (belts, rings and earrings) can be destroyed at the blacksmith (BlackSmith) to get "Revision Stones". You need these stones, the chance at a Vrsuch the weapon with additional damage to provide increasing.
Weapons can be destroyed only from level 40 (40 degrees) and armor at level 42 (42 degrees).


  1. Talk to the NPC ("BlackSmith") in the city "temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle' (44) or in the city"City of priest"(near the water).
    Under the point [destroy item] the Gegenständezerstört can be.
  2. It opens a small window with an empty slot. In this slot, from your inventory you need to go now the subject, you want to destroy.
    This opens your inventory (using the I key) and moves the subject into the empty slot.
  3. Now will you see, how you receive many "Revisio stones" for the subject, if you destroy it. Press Create Stone of revision, to start the process.