Published: Saturday, 01 March 2014

The orders are an important part of the game KAL online. Orders give the players a part of the story of KAL-online, the many many places, cities and dangers of monsters. In addition, the player receives orders items, experience and skill points. The orders in the game are structured so that they must be met in a row. Some orders can be fulfilled differently. Accordingly, even the reward will vary.

We want to show here a way you series to meet the orders, to achieve the maximum experience and skill points. Individual orders are divided in a "step by step" instructions.


Note: Always set to meet the orders, without to mess up the different characters with different far fulfilled orders, we would recommend the "KAL-World" programme. The program was by cold-Online.de - Dennis Schulze developed to clarify some details of KAL online easier. In the program, you can save your progress of orders for each individual character and follow. The program can be found in the download area.