How do I create me a game account?

Published: Saturday, 01 March 2014

Creates an account for the game on the original page (

To do this click on the link above.

Please uses not following E-Mail address to you the registration code to send: all;; or

Used as E-Mail address instead or .

  • Accepted both conditions after you have read it and click on "Next".
  • Confirmed all 3 conditions and again with a question of understanding the fourth condition.
  • Complete all items correctly. Use no unintelligible characters or special characters. When the password, use numbers and letters.
  • Confirming your registered account. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address give to get secret number and then click on "Confirm". ( can log you on
  • Sent an email with the secret number to verify the registration. This number is indicated in the field "Confirm Authentication Number" and thus also the account confirmed.


Save this secret number you (email)!
You write the number on a piece of paper, and this well kept!


No not yet!

The completion of the registration is only complete when the number has been correctly detected.
With this account you can register now in the game.
You now but needs a secondary password.

Secondary password?

The secondary password system was introduced on August 19, 2008 in KAL-online.

The secondary password is required in addition to the normal password to log into the game.
Therefore, the security level was raised in KAL-online.


Create your secondary password:

-Run the game and then select a server from the server list.
-Sign up with your ID and your password as before.
-Now comes the second password query. The secondary password is required.
-Well below click on the button "creation". (Here you can also the secondary password again change-> 'change')
-Enter your normal password in the first.
-The secondary give on in the second and third field now password, which you want.
- Note: the secondary right enter password on the display with the mouse.
- Password must contain 8.
-With the button "confirm" confirmed her this secondary password (write it you on a piece of paper like the Secred number).
-Now you have to you still just login (ID + PW and then the secondary password).

Have fun while playing!