Weapons mix

Published: Wednesday, 05 March 2014


In the game, there are many ways to enhance armor or weapons. One of these possibilities is the mix system for weapons. A special element stone can be assigned to a weapon, which increases the base damage or other properties, or the weapon can be upgraded through an improvement. This appreciation is called imperial. The element stones can be found at some monsters. To look in our database of the monster.

The mix system for weapons is located in the city of "pub of the giant bird".

There, you have the following possibilities:

  • [Upgrading a weapon] = here is the effect of a mix stone assigned a weapon.
  • [Making a weapon] = Imperial / here the weapon is upgraded, which increases the magical and physical damage.
  • [Mixing item list] = here to get information about the materials needed for a weapon level.


  • You can improve your weapons with element stones and make them stronger.
  • You can only weapon with the weapon level 40 (40 degrees) or higher value.
  • If a mix attempt fails, the weapon loses its durability (endurance).
  • If the weapon has too little shelf life, and the attempt fails, the weapon breaks.
  • The attempt fails, all used be destroyed elemental stones and needed money. The armor is maintained.
  • The durability (endurance) the weapon can be increased by tools (fixing tools), which are available at the normal dealer (merchant NPC).
  • Upon failure, the gun is retained.
  • The chance of success, the mix system, depends on the level of the weapon. (The higher the level of the weapon, the less the chance of success)
    • Weapon level: G40 - G45 | Success chance 10%
    • Weapon level: G48 - G50 | Chance of success 7%
    • Weapon level: G53 | Chance of success 5%
    • Weapon level: G56 | Success chance 4%
    • Weapon level: G59 - G65 | Success chance 3%
    • Weapon level: G70 + | Chance of success 2%

In total, there are 11 element stones. 9 element stones enhance the weapon maximum item level 2. The remaining 2 element stones enhance the weapon of item-level 2 item level 3.


Element stone level 1:

Needed: Main weapon + another weapon + Moon + item jewel

Effect: The effect of element stone is transferred to the weapon.

Element stone level 2:

Needed: Main gun (item level 1) + more weapons + armor + element stone

Effect: Is used as the weapons of the same element stone, the effect increases to level 2.

Element stone level 3:

Needed: Main gun (item level 2) + weapons + Armor + 2 x element stones (two stone of mystery or two stone of demon's blood)

Effect: All previous element effects of the weapon disappear and the new element effect onto the gun.

Appreciation (Imperial) level 1:

Needed: Main weapon + gun + Armor + 2 item tiles of the same kind

Effect: Increase the weapon's core values. Changes the appearance of the weapon.

Effects of element stones:

Name Effect level 1 Effect level 2
Stone of shadow HP + 20/strength + 2/intelligence + 2/agility + 2 HP + 50/strength + 3/intelligence + 3/agility + 3
Stone of Holy MP + 20/wisdom + 2/health + 2 MP + 50/wisdom + 5/health + 5
Stone of flame Fire damage with 5% probability Fire damage with 10% probability
Stone of ice Ice damage with 5% probability Ice damage with 10% probability
Stone of lightening Lightning damage with 5% probability + 10 defense of the target to reduce Lightning damage with 10% probability + 10 defense of the target to reduce
Stone of poison Poisoned with 5% probability Poisoned with 10% probability
Stone of paralysis Paralyzed with 5% probability Paralyzed with 10% probability
Stone of strength HP + 10%, MP - 5% HP + 20%, MP - 10%
Stone of skill HP - 5% MP + 10% HP - 10%, MP + 20%
Name Effect level 3
Stone of mystery Min/max damage + 50
(This stone works only on weapons which are already at level 2)
Stone of demon's blood HP + 50/MP + 50/strength + 6/intelligence + 6/agility + 6/wisdom + 10 / health + 10
(This stone works only on weapons which are already at level 2)