Buttons and commands

Published: Saturday, 01 March 2014


Keys and functions
Key: Effect:
F1 Help
F12 Screen shot (.jpg format)
Q Tasks (quest) information
T Loading system
Z Race enable / disable
I Inventory
P Group information
Enter key Enable chat mode
S Skills list
F Friend's list
V Honor points
Key: Effect:
G Guild information
H Transformation
X Click / seats
C Character information
M Mini card
, Map of the world
. Teleport Info
Arrow keys Camera control
Picture on Zoom
Page down Zoom out
Key: Effect:
CTRL + ALT + 8 Open the macros
SHIFT + space Fast response to private conversations
SHIFT + X. Party skill in the active Skillfeld
SHIFT + C Trade skill in the active Skillfeld
SHIFT + T Open shop
SHIFT + Z Whisper skill in the active Skillfeld
Chat commands
Command: Effect:
/ suicide The character goes suicide and thereby lose experience (EXP)!
/ party [playername] In a party invites X
(X = game name of player)
/ expelparty [playername] Only the leader of the party can do this.
Throws the player (X) from a party.
/ duel [player name] Asks another player (X)
to a duel on
/ "surrender" Cancels a duel
@[Player name] [TEXT] Writes privately to a player
/ clear

Clears the chat screen (view is updated,

If the scroll bar is clicked or a message appears)

/ refusetrade Trade status change on [reject] (more admits no trades)
/ allowtrade Changing trade status on the [accept] (again allows the trade)
/ refuseparty Change group State on [reject] (allows no party request)
/ allowparty Change group State on the [accept] (party request allows again)